We offer various different classes
from the brand new
Introductory Motorcycle Experience (IME),
the Basic Rider Class (BRC),
Basic Rider Class 2 (BRC2),
our Ride Like A Pro Class
with specific skills training all the way up to
Private Instruction from our
World Class Instructors.

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ALL NEW Ride Like A Pro Traveling Instructional Team
Want Us To Teach Your Group, Motorcycle Club, ETC?

We are now the Ride Like A Pro
traveling instruction team!!
Tim and Marianne Hamilton,
costars of the Ride Like A Pro DVD's
are available to teach in your area
(as long as there is not a franchise within 200 miles).
Get a minimum of 10-12 students and we will come to you for the normal fee of $150 per student all students must be prepaid, no refunds.
(fees are subject to change due to additional expenses for locations)
The full fee is payable prior to
the class date, no refunds.
The organizer must come up with a location
with a parking lot minimum size of approximately 150' x 200'. Generally, any location that has the MSF course is suitable.
Now you can get some of the best instructors right in your own backyard!!



Our affiliates can even help you get started if you need the basic helmet, glasses and gloves.
The decision is yours.
Start your engine and learn how to Ride Like A Pro today!


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